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ContentSigns Your Body Is Telling You You’re Drinking Too MuchStage #1: Occasional abuse and binge drinkingInteractive charts on Alcohol ConsumptionHelping Someone with a Drinking ProblemAlcohol and Other DrugsYou Don’t Believe the Results of a Signs of Alcoholism Quiz In the chart we see the relationship between average per capita alcohol consumption – in litres of pure alcohol

ContentDiscover contentFrequently Asked QuestionsAddiction changes the brainA brain disease? Then show me the brain lesion!Women's Health Still, about 25-50% of people with a substance use problem develop a severe, chronic disorder. For them, addiction is a disease that requires intensive treatments and continuing aftercare, monitoring and family or peer support to manage their recovery. As Heyman outlines,

ContentAddiction is a disease with complex risk factorsWhat is moderate drinking?Disease theory of alcoholismSo, Why Is Alcoholism Considered a Chronic Disease?International PatientsRisk factorsWhat Is a Chronic Disease? "We tend to look at smaller and smaller parts of the human body, and the human mind and the human brain," to find the cause of something, Young said. In

ContentWhat’s Included in the Cost?More Funding Opportunities for Sober Living Homes in ArizonaAdmissions Process For individuals struggling with addiction to alcohol and drugs, Harris House helps people achieve sobriety and become healthy and productive individuals. Since our founding in 1961, Harris House has grown to become a top-rated non-profit treatment center. While there isn’t an exact

ContentWhy is this important for parents to learn?If your loved one refuses helpSetting Yourself Up For A Successful RecoveryCrack Withdrawal TimelineAre there any other consequences to a commitment?Seek Help from Indiana Center For Recovery I tell him often, “My eyes can hear much better than my ears.” Just as we seek evidence of their using substances, we

ContentTreating Alcoholism and NarcissismDo You Confuse Admiration with Love? Tales of a Covert NarcissistEating disordersAvoid Taking It PersonallyWhere to find support if you’re experiencing NPD or AUD Healthy people celebrate their friends, family and colleagues successes. Healthy people believe and support equality and social justice. Healthy people take ownership and apologize if they have hurt someone. Healthy

ContentFinding Help for Alcohol AddictionPopular Topics On Married LifeAddressing co-dependency while managing your drinkingHow to Help Domestic Abuse VictimsAbusing alcohol can change you as a personAdditional Alcohol ArticlesWhat To Do If Alcohol Is Affecting Your RelationshipHow are Alcoholism and Emotional Abuse Relatedhelpful tips to help anyone who is seeking to quit the bottle and live a